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What every eBay seller should know

What every eBay seller should know

This holiday season is particularly competitive concerning about sales.
Take advantage of the huge swell of holiday traffic.

What's hot, what sell should be by now already identified and decided.

But there are some small details can make all difference between your listings and other competitors. These details can also help you getting better feedback.

Lets remember it:

A. Return policies
B. Same day shipping (or 24hrs shipping)
C. 3-5 days delivery

With all confidence and some experience you may introduce these details in your listings considering potential buyers may want to try or see phisically your item.

24 hrs shipping would be a good measure speacially this season. Buyers want receive purchased items as soon as possible (ASAP). No delays will be accepted by your buyer.

3-5 days delivery should be expected from your potential buyer. So, why not offer expedited shipping this season? Potential buyers and eBay would be grateful and you will be surprised with your Positive Feedback.

Abreu Pires

Author of
"Lucky Beginner at eBay"

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