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The Quirinale and East central Rome Italy

The Quirinale is perhaps the most appealing of the hills that rise up on the eastern side of the centre of Rome, and was the first to be properly developed, when, in the seventeeth century, those who could afford it moved up to the higher ground from the city centre.

The Palazzo del Quirinale was the summer residence of the popes until the year 1870.
Later it became the residence of the Savoia family and then the residence of all the presidents of the Italian republic.

Nowadays this is the residence of the president of Italy, and is only open for viewing on sundays.

The district holds some of the city's most compelling sights, such as the enormous Palazzo Barberini, home of some of the best of Rome's art, and, just beyond the Palazzo Massimo, where a good deal of the city's ancient treasure is on display.

This area, around Stazione Termini is plenty of hotels.
Beyond here, just outside the city centre, Via Nomentana hosts a couple of churches - Sant'Agnese fuori le Mura and Santa Costanza - that are well worth making the trip out to.

District of San Lorenzo forms a hub for the city's students, clubs and restaurants.

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Flavia Pastina